Because You Can't Google Your Way to Docker Nirvana

Docker enables true independence between applications and infrastructure, between developers and IT Ops. We believe it’s the future of enterprise software development…that is, if you can figure it out. Our mission is to help you figure it out.

Docker Checklist

19 Steps to Get You There Faster

The Docker Transition Checklist

It’s no secret that Docker (and the concept of containerization) comes with a bit of a learning curve, but it’s well worth the investment. We’ve helped several enterprise teams transition their legacy applications to Docker. This checklist identifies the common challenges and roadblocks we’ve seen over the years, and it it will certainly save you hours if not days.

The MobyCast Crew

A weekly conversation about containerization, Docker & modern software deployment

Jon Christensen: Docker Expert

Jon Christensen

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Chris Hickman: Docker Expert

Chris Hickman

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Rich Staats

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